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Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards, Sixth Edition

Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards, Sixth Edition

By: PETER URBEN, Leslie Bretherick

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Year: 1999
Pages: 2129
Language: English
Published: Butterworth-Heinemann

Reviews of previous editions: 'an outstanding text...thoroughly recommended' Loss Prevention Bulletin

'a book that should be in every laboratory, chemical plant, emergency response and fire control center, school and college ... I commend this book to anyone concerned with chemical safety and hygiene' Chemical and Engineering News

'..a book that every chemist should have on their shelf' New Scientist

'This book continues to be an essential source of reference for all those about to embark upon unknown brews and concoctions of seemingly innocent chemicals' Chemistry and Industry

'The indexes are excellent, and there are very useful cross-references between different species and different reactions.' Choice

'It is also a very helpful and quick entry into the literature on the many unstable chemicals that have been synthesized and characterized during the 20th century.' Choice

'Bretherick' is widely accepted as the reference work on reactive chemical hazards and is essential for all those working with chemicals. It includes every chemical for which documented information on reactive hazards has been found. The text covers over 5000 elements and compounds and as many again of secondary entries involving two or more compounds. One of its most valuable features is the extensive cross referencing throughout both sections which links similar compounds or incidents not obviously related.

The sixth edition has been completely updated and revised by Peter Urben and contains documented information on hazards and appropriate references up to 1999 Volume 1 is devoted to specific information on the stability of the listed compounds, or the reactivity of mixtures of two or more of them under various circumstances. Each compound is identified by an UPAC-based name, the CAS registry number, its empirical formula and structure. Each description of an incident or violent reaction gives reference to the original literature. Each chemical is classified on the basis of similarities in structure or reactivity, and these groups are listed alphabetically in Volume 2. The group entries contain a complete listing of all the compounds in Volume 1 assigned to that group to assist cross referral to similar compounds. Volume 2 also contains hazard topic entries arranged alphabetically, some with lists. Appendices include a fire related data table for higher risk chemicals, indexes of registry numbers and chemical names as well as reference abbreviations and a glossary.



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