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Letters of a Peruvian Woman (Oxford World's Classics)

Letters of a Peruvian Woman (Oxford World's Classics)

By: Francoise de Graffigny

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Year: 2009
Pages: 200
Language: English

One of the most popular novels of the eighteenth century, the Letters of a Peruvian Woman recounts the story of Zilia, an Inca Virgin of the Sun, who is captured by the Spanish conquistadores and brutally separated from her lover, Aza. She is rescued and taken to France by D?terville, a nobleman, who is soon captivated by her. The novel portrays Zilia's feelings on her separation from both her lover and her culture, and her experience of a new and alien society. By fusing sentimental fiction and social commentary, Fran?oise de Graffigny created a new kind of heroine, defined by her intellect as much as her feelings and challenging traditional assumptions about the role of women both in fiction and society. This first fully annotated English translation of the novel includes a comprehensive introduction, appendices containing extracts from Graffigny's principal source, Garcilosa's Royal Commentaries of Peru, as well as contemporary French and English continuations/adaptations of the novel.



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