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Mood Disorders in Later Life, Second Edition (Medical Psychiatry Series)

Mood Disorders in Later Life, Second Edition (Medical Psychiatry Series)

By: James M. Ellison, Helen H. Kyomen, Sumer Verma

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Year: 2008
Pages: 368
Language: English

Mood Disorders in Later Life examines the spectrum of mood disorders in older adults, focusing on major and nonmajor depressive disorders, bipolar disorder (manic and depressive phases), depression with psychotic features, and vascular depression. In depth discussions of diagnosis and treatment options including psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and ECT will help clinicians improve treatment outcomes in their elderly patients. This Second Edition, an update and expansion of the 2003 Depression in Later Life, includes many additional topics including discussion of the epidemiology of late life mood disorders, the diagnosis and treatment of late life bipolar disorder, use of non-ECT neurotherapeutic approaches, and the importance of open access to the full range of treatments. This comprehensive, single-source reference is ideal for all psychiatrists, neurologists, and primary care physicians and advanced practice nurses treating older adults. Additional topics include: overcoming barriers to treatment cross-cultural issues the neurobiology of late life mood disorders medical comorbidity drug interactions prevention of later life suicide maintenance therapies



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